Sunday Autumn Excursions – Trekking

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Every Sunday a different hiking route!

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    Once again, the season is Autumn! It is time to walk in colored hills, in the forests, in the mountains, to rest in the silence of nature this season. We keep walking every weekend on Sundays. As long as weather and mother nature permits us, we will carry out our walks. If you haven’t tasted this pleasure yet, don’t postpone it. Our routes are beautiful again. Easy – we expect our hiking with moderate difficulty. Every weekend we trek along a different route. Do not miss. Each route is different and fun.

    Every week, on Sunday, we depart from Ankara for hiking excursion.

    Although it is open to changes depending on the weather and nature, we will continue our day excursions along whole the year!  Routes and details are published monthly. You can follow us via our e-newsletter and social media channels. You can see the walks to be organized in November in the detailed program tab.

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    Please click on the information and comments tab for our detailed information about our departure times and meeting points, required personal items, equipments and notes for our treks. 

    We wish everyone a colorful Sunday in the heart of nature …




    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Transfer from Ankara to Ankara
    • Tour leader and trekking guidance
    • First Aid kit
    • Safety equipments
    • Legally obligatory insurances
    Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Food and beverage
    • Personal Equipment
    1. 7th November 2021, Sunday Kaletepe, Kızılcahamam

      We will pick you up at any of the stated stops at stated time and drive to Kızılcahamam direction.

      Today, we have select a route where we will witness the colourful beauty of autumn. Entire route will be in the bush about 12-13 kms with a easy to moderate diffculty level . We will start from Değirmenciler Village and hike uphill to the top of Kaletepe where we will have a lunch break. The next half of the route will be down to a valley where aspens let their leaves soar down. This route is going to be a circuit and will end up at Değirmenciler Village again. 

    2. 14th November 2021, Sunday Çubuk Karagöl

      We will pick you up at any of the stated stops at stated time and drive to Kızılcahamam direction. We will start our trek from Karagol in Cubuk. Today’s hiking route is moderate and is about 15 km long. The region we are heading today is very well known with its outstanding autumn beauty with pines, aspens, oaks and many others. We will stop by a panorama point where we will enjoy the nice view of Karagol. Beside Karagöl we will visit to more puddle lake en route. Ç

    3. 21st November 2021, Sunday Hıdırlar-Kasımlar, Kızılcahamam

      We will pick you up at any of the stated stops at stated time and drive to Kızılcahamam direction. Işık Dağı is quite a well known hiking spot. We will hike in the neighbourhood of Işık Dağı today. Our route is around 15 km and has a moderate difficulty. We will witness the last moments of autumn in the bush. Our hike will end in Kasımlar Village and we will have chance to visit an old friend which is a monumental pine tree.

    4. 28th November 2021 Semeler-Eğerlidereköy, Kızılcahamam

      We will pick you up at any of the stated stops at stated time and drive to Kızılcahamam direction. Our hike will start from Semeler Village and we will walk in a magnificient forest. We will enjoy the view at a very scenic spot before  end up our route in Eğerlidereköy Village. 

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    Daily excursion without any accommodation.

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    Deadline date for the bookings is every Firday upto 12.00. Later booking inquires is subject to availability in our coach and comfirmation is not promised. Thanks for your understanding and your approach to early bookings in advance.
    You will have a travel health insurance for day tours beside the legal obligatory insurance in your touristic coach. That is why your ID numbers and details are asked whilst your booking.
    You can book via our website and/or by calling our office. You can finde online booking for in the next tab.
    We kindly would like you to know that last minute cancellations affects our operations and the entire group. Thanks in advance for your responsibility in advance.

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      Facts & Ethics

      Anyone who does not have any significant physical and mental handicap can join our excursions. However, we would kindly inform that hiking requires a certain minimum level of physical performance. Please call us if you need any further information or any consultancy about our tours.

      Montis Trips & Expeditions reserves the right to change any part of the operation such as the route, departure time or cancel the trip due to weather, road conditions as well as health & safety concerns.
      Our leaders reserve the right to apply any changes during the trip due to the parameters as stated above the line.

      Please consider that this is an outdoor activity trip and arrival time back to Ankara may be later than expected if any of the stated cases appear. Please plan your day accordingly.
      Please follow the instructions of your leader and follow recommendations about the walking line.

      Please do not pass your tour leader and hike independently ahead of the group. Please do not be far beyond the group. Your precision is always needed to have a safe trip.

      Camp fires is not common in our trips. We do not recommend to lit fires during the trip except emergency cases. Please follow this rule.

      Please remind the leaders if you need to stop for any needs such as taking pictures or answering the nature’s call.

      Please avoid yelling or loudly speeches in the nature except the emergency communication needs.

      Please do not feed or touch any of the domestic or wild animals during the trek. Please do this so if any animal needs an urgent help.

      If you are lost anyhow please turn back to the point last you were with group. If you are not sure how to do this please remain waiting at your spot.

      We never remain let our garbage outside whether it is consist of organic remains or not. Please keep a bag for personal garbage during the trek.

      Please keep away from the water sources, creeks or fountains for anwering the nature’s call. Please do not let any of the sanitaries remains such as papers afterwards.

      The water sources, creeks or fountains may be seasonaly flowing or they may not be safe to drink. Please follow leaders’ instructions or get advised by them. We recommend you to have enough amount of drinking water in advance.

      Unfortunately we do not allow pets with us in our tours for open groups. Your trek mates may be allergic, your pets may be under risk because of the wildlife. Thanks for your understanding.

      Departure Spots & Pick up Times

      You can find the departure spots and pick-up times as below. Please try to be at your spot on time. Due to the rush at some spots and luggages at some spots delays up to 10 minutes may appear. Thanks for your understanding.

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      Time: 07.30

      Kennedy Str. End- ASO
      Time: 07:35

      Milli Kütüphane (National Library)
      Time: 07:40

      Armada Mall

      Kafes Fırın Bakery (Eskişehir Road in Opet Gas Station)

      MESA Migros Junctiom
      Time: 08:05

      Şaşmaz Bridge
      Time: 08:15

      Eryaman Göksu Park

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