Mt Toubkal (4167 m) Express

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20-24 April 2019   |   A Wonderful Ascent to The North Africa’s Top

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    6-16 Pax

This trip is specially prepared for the ones who would like to make a short ascent to Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Morocco, also known as El-Magrib, is one of the countries of the globe which is full of surprises with its hot blooded people, tasty cuisine, local linguistic richness and its outstanding geography. In this tour we are heading to Mt Toubkal which is the highest top of North Africa and Atlas Mountain range with the elevation of 4167 m. Though this is a short itinerary focused on climbing to Mt Toubkal, we will have chance to see the iconic city, Marrakech, at a glance.

Atlas Mountains are very important for the region as being a barrier between the desert, the ocean and fertile inlands. The inhabitants of Atlas Mountains are the Berberi people who settled in the deep valley surrounding in their villages. Rivers, agricultural fields and Berberi villages are just a few features of Morocco’s colorful mosaic. Three major chains conclude the entire Atlas range: Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Anti-Atlas. We will be in high Atlas region which is also very often visited by European outdoor enthusiasts. Depending on the snow and weather condition at the moment, Mt Toubkal top can be easily accessed without any complex technical difficulty. Anyone who is in good shape can do it with an ice axe and on crampons when required. No technical traverse, no fix rope ascent nor scrambling is required.  All the luggage will be transported on the mules to the mountain hut at 3207 m. Participants will only carry a day pack to the refuge and to the top.  We will stay in mountain hut in dorms. On the way back from the top we may either stay in the dorm again or keep on descending to Imlil Village. In Imlil we will stay in a very nice boutique Berberi hotel. We will decide to trek to Imlil or to stay in the mountain depending on the group condition and demands.

We will visit Marrakech, the most iconic city of Morocco, after the mountain trip. Marrakech is just like a scene from a thousand and one nights. Marrakech is also known as Reddish or Crimson City because of its unique architecture which is very well preserved even in the modern times. Marrakech is selected as a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its medina ( old town and bazaar ), palaces and extraordinary city life at Jmaa El Fna square make together Marrakech a fantastic city. You will feel yourself acting in a fairy tale.

This short itinerary is recommended to the ones who are chasing opportunities to discover world’s mountains in a short period of time. Satisfying altitude of Mt Toubkal is also excellent for people who are training for bigger mountains to get acclimatized.

Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Istanbul-Casablanca-Marrakech

Day 2: Marrakech – Imlil Village – Trek to mountain hut at 3200 m

Day 3: Mountain Hut – Mt Toubkal Summit – Mountain Hut or Imlil

Day 4: Imlil – Marrakech

Day 5: Marrakech– Casablanca – Istanbul flight

If you prefer to have a longer journey in Morocco you can extend your program to Sahara Desert. Our extended trip is also published on our website. Please see our ‘’Atlas Mountains, Marrakech & Sahara Desert Tour’’

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • English and Turkish speaking tour leader and trekking guide
  • All transfers mentioned in the itinerary
  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • All accommodations in DBL / TWN / TRPL rooms as in the itinerary ( 2 nights 4* hotel in Marrakech, 1 night in boutique hotel in Imlil )
  • Accommodation in Toubkal Mountain Hut ( Les Mouflons )
  • Local guide service ( English, French and Arabic speaking )
  • All meals during the trek as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All transportation of the personal equipment ( luggage and equipment ) by mules ( Imlil – Toubkal Hut – Imlil )
  • Insurances  as legally necessity
  • General safety equipment
  • First aid kit
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Domestic & International Flights
  • Entrance fees for museums and sites
  • Personal items and equipment
  • Sleeping bags for mountain hut
  • Meals which are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Demands out of the program
  • All beverages and alcoholic drinks
  • Tips

Single Supplement Charge: 100 Euro

*There is no SNG Accommodation facility in Toubkal Mountain Hut

** MONTIS duffle is not available in this tour.

  1. Itinerary 5 Days

    Day 1:Meet at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Fly to Marrakech with stopover in Casablanca

    After our flight we will meet our coach and local person at Marrakech Menara Airport and we will drive to our hotel in Marrakech.

    Day 2 : Marrakech – Imlil Village – Trek to mountain hut at 3200 m

    After an early breakfast in the hotel we will drive towards Atlas Mountains. The first stop will be at Imlil Village which is the most known gate to Mt Toubkal ascents. After a short preparation we let our extra staff in the hotel in Imlil and start trekking up to the mountain hut. We will follow the valley with stirring water flowing in the spring time. In the mid-way we will access Sidi Chemharouch. There are a few little markets and primitive cafes to enjoy a nice and unexpected dinner. Sidi Chemharouch is a place where a holy tomb is also located. For this reason this trail is usually busy with hikers as well as locals coming up to visit this holy place. After lunch here, we will keep on climbing up the trails to the mountain hut. We will stay at the refuge in dormitory rooms and dinner will be a feasty here.

    App. Vehicle Transfers: 1 hr. and 30 mins.

    App. Hiking Time:  5 – 7 hrs.
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch and Dinner

    Day 3: Mountain Hut – Mt Toubkal Summit – Mountain Hut or Imlil

    This summit attempt is not one of those that we got up at midnight. We will just have our breakfast early and give a start just before the dawn. The first section is a warming up climbing. After a 4-5 hrs. hiking up with beautiful morning views of Atlas Mountains we will get to the summit. The top of Toubkal is really scenic! We will have a good rest on the summit (weather permitting). Then we will descent to Toubkal Hut. The delicious lunch is awating! After lunch we will keep on descending to Imlil. On the way, we will get on our vehicles to the hotel. Our hotel in Imlil is really one of its kinds! Before enjoying our cozy and clean rooms, let’s dine again.

    Note: We reserve the right to spend the night in Toubkal Mountain Hut in case of any unpredictable. Descending to Imlil depends on group decision.

    App. Hiking Time: 10-12 hrs.
    App. Vehicle Transfers: 15 mins.

    App. Climbing Time:  4 hrs.
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch and Dinner

    Day 4: Imlil – Marrakech

    Singing birds will wake us up in this lovely village! We will have our breakfast and stroll around the village. After a morning coffee at one the coffee shops we will drive back to Marrakech. Marrakech is just a stunning place after all those tranquil moments in North Africa. We will get lost among the pinkish buildings of Marrakech. We will visit the palaces, gardens, and of course,  Jmaa El Fna where the heart of the city beats. We will also enjoy the other face of this old square at night time. We will stay in Marrakech tonight.

    App. Hiking Time: 1 hr. 30 mins.

    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch

    Day 5: Marrakech– Casablanca – Istanbul Flight

    Depending on our flight time we will have transfer to the Marrakech Menara Airport.

    Meals Included: Breakfast




Accommodation Details

Magador Opera 4* Hotel

This hotel is located in walking distance to the old medina but away to be silence from the old town’s chaotic atmosphere. A great and very centered deal for our short term accommodations in Marrakech. Wide and comfortable rooms, safe atmosphere and tasty breakfasts are significant reasons to pick this hotel. We stay in this hotel or exactly similar quality hotels in Marrakech.



Riad Jnane İmlil

Riad is a boutique family run small hotel with preciously designed for guests. It is located among the green fruit trees in a very tranquil environment. Special services, delicious food, cozy designed rooms make his choice special for our accommodation in Imlil. This hotel is also our base for our operations in High Atlas Mountains.

We have classified the necessary information for our tour.

Flights are excluded from this tour.

Our tour operation is scheduled according to Turkish Airlines flights can be seen below:

Departure: 20 April 2019

TK619, IST-RAK, 11.20 – 14,20

Arrival: 24 Nisan 2019

TK620, RAK-IST, 15.20-22.05

We will not include the flights in most of our operations to allow participants to use their own campaigns, flying miles or sponsorships. However, you can purchase any of your tickets from our company’s ticketing department. (, +90 312 440 05 85 ).

But you can join the tour with other flights accordingly. Any extra transfers can be arranged due to your flight choice. Please ask.

Please check out your visa requirements from the link below or foreign affairs of your country:

The technical climbing equipment may be required depending on the condition on the mountain. ( Ice axe & crampons ) You can hire these equipment either in Imlil  or birng your own items. The renting cost is app 15 – 20 Euro per person.


In general, three different climate types are seen in the country. Mediterranean climate is dominated by the rainy Mediterranean climate, the Atlantic Ocean coast, open to the western winds, the sea climate is seen. The central parts of the country, the Atlas Mountains and the valleys between them, have a cool and more continental climate, while the desert climate is predominant, especially in the south-east. The weather is hot in cities as we will be in Morocco. Short-term precipitation can be seen. In the High Atlas Mountains, temperatures can drop to 0 C degrees at night.

Morocco is located in GMT +0 time zone. time difference with Turkey in summer – 2 hours. So while in Turkey if the time is 17:45, Morocco time is  15:45.

There is no vaccine associated with a disease in the risk group recommended for Morocco.

A healthy way to travel in Africa is to paying attention to personal hygiene and eating clean and safe food. We recommend that you do not drink water from the taps in the cities, and in the mountains, you do not drink any water, ice and ice drinks are not known. Your tour leaders will personally monitor the suitability of drinking water to be provided in your mountain accommodation. Source water used in mountain / nature is boiled and microbiologically purified by chlorine tablets. Bottled water is used wherever possible (almost all round). The cleanliness of the meals and the suitability of our mouth taste are checked tightly by our tour leaders. We strongly recommend that you do not eat or drink anywhere except the tour leaders’ suggestions and directions.
The accommodation we choose in our tour provides very good cleaning conditions. There may be no risk of cleanliness for the need for shower and toilet. However, we recommend that you pay attention to your personal hygiene.

The currency is Dirhem (Dh). The approximate currency is Euro 1 = Dh11,2 (December 2017). In addition to the USD, the Euro is a currency that is frequently used in these countries. However,  shopping with small shops, it is beneficial to have Dh.

Travel vouchers can be easily used in large shopping centers, but you may have to face difficulties in small shops and accept a lower exchange rate.

Almost all central regions have exchange offices. Banks can also make changes, but exchange offices have advantages such as short procedures and higher rates. However, exchange rates may not be constant in every currency exchange office.

The use of credit cards in Morocco is particularly common in Marrakech and Casablanca. You can use your credit cards at large businesses and places, sometimes with 5% – 10% commissions.

The amount of money you will carry with you 50 USD / Euro and the size of some shopping will be easier in terms of money.

ATMs are available in all major centers, ATMs (Guichets automatiques) are available 24 hours a day.

Prices in Morocco, are close to Turkey. However, some tourist and luxury shopping items may surprise with their high prices. However, the bargaining habits are highly developed and a little French or Arabic, and a little insistence to lower prices. Get ready to face stubborn vendors as well as getting unexpected discounts.

It is also useful to have some cash for visa, drinks, tips etc. which are not included in the tour price. Having a total of 300 – 500 Euros, will help you to be cautious against emergency situations and shopping needs.

Morocco was a hippie destination until quite recently. However, its proximity to Europe and its relatively recorded sophistication has made the country an important tourism destination in recent years. In spite of this, old habits and dangers in cities such as Marrakech, Meknes and Fez can continue. Especially in the last few years, the centers of tourism police established in such centers have been struggling with drug dealers, fake guides and street scammers, and have prevented these dangers to a great extent.

Best measures to be taken; not to walk alone in more tranquil areas, to take a taxi instead of walking in deserted streets of big cities, not to consume friendly food and drinks in public transportation vehicles, to be cautious to reject sellers with a non-aggressive language. Besides, try not to leave the impression you were there for the first time

It is recommended that you always carry your money and valuables in the city and on the mountain with you safely and safely. Don’t forget to carry your valuables and money close to your body and in a way that is not obvious from the outside. Carry your money in a few pieces and in a safe inner pocket, or in a waist or neck wallet that you can store under your clothes.

Keeping valuable and remarkable items out of sight, incentivizing and uninteresting, avoiding attention-grabbing clothing and behavior is a behavior that we recommend to all travelers.

It is extremely common to pay for all local services in Morocco with tips. For our local team to accompany us during our tour, it is a good idea to allocate 30 to 50 Euros per participant. Your tour leader will guide you through the round for the correct rewards and tips.

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