Mt. Tahtalı Winter Ascent (2365 m)

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When you turn your face west from Antalya, you see a mass, dispread through the sky in all its glory. It is almost like the throne of a god who wants to dominate everything on the shore and at sea. Tahtalı Mountain. Skirts start at sea level. He owes this to his majesty. Beydağları army along the shore is almost like the most commandant of the army. For many years the paths of the road are visited by the highlanders.

We have been visiting this spectacular friend in this region for many years. We like to enjoy the view, long walks and the view from the summit. This time we have prepared the Tahtali Mountain Winter Climb. One day you will feel the four seasons, you will enjoy a long walk, snow passes will be a climb. Since the evaporation in winter is much less, our view will be much more clear! We recommend a different mountain at the end of the week, easily to try out a climb, to escape the city and to have a long hike. This activity promises a pleasant time in a short space of time as well as a pleasant walk on an imposing mountain.

We also organized this program as a weekend trip with hotel accommodation. In Ulupınar we will be staying in a charming facility on the outskirts of the mountain. After a day with short trips and warming in the famous Lycian region, we will make our peak climb and return to our homes. This event, which we are sure to see a lot of demand, is a candidate for our classics.

We make our tour even more attractive by offering different transportation options. If you wish, you can use our option of highway transportation or if you wish to meet Antalya airport.

Take your place in this wonderful event before the places run out.


Program Initiary

Day 1: Meeting at Antalya Airport. Visiting Phaselis Historical site. Trekking from Ulupınar to Yanartaş. Check in to the hotel.*
Day 2: Mt. Tahtalı ascent. Transfer to Antalya airport.

*This tour should meet Antalya Airport. Transfer fee from Ankara is 150 TL. Please contact the office for details of transportation from Ankara.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Tour Leader, Guidance and Consultancy
  • Half Pension Accommodation in two person rooms at mentioned hotel
  • First Aid
  • General Security Equipment
  • Lift from summit on descent
  • Helmet, Ice Axe, Crampons (free of charge)
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Personal Equipment
  • Requests that are not mentioned in the program
  • Extra transfer and accommodation requests
  • Extra food and beverage
  • Museum and archeological sites entrance fee*

Single Supplement Charge: 150 TL

Archeological sites, museum entrance and service fee are not included to our total tour price. Approximately total price for Museumcard 30 TL and belongs to our participants. We recommend you to buy Museumcard before you came to our tour also card is valid for one year.
You can buy your Museumcard by online from the web site stated above,

  1. Itinerary 2 Days

    Day 1: Meeting at Antalya Airport. Visiting Phaselis Historical site. Trekking from Ulupınar to Yanartaş. Check in to the hotel.

    If you want to use the transfer from Ankara option, our vehicle will depart at 23.00 on Friday night from mentioned stops below.
    We will meet at Antalya Airport early in the morning with the participants coming from other cities. We will travel through west; first we will visit Phaselis Historical Site. It is ancient Lycian city on the seaside. We will visit ruins of city centre, agora and baths.
    After visiting ancient city which is under shadow of Mt Tahtalı, continue driving to Ulupınar for lunch break and to start our trekking. This trekking is the one the most popular route of Lycian Way. It will end in Yanartaş and our vehicle will take us to our hotel. We will have dinner at our pretty hotel in Çıralı. After dinner we will have rest for the climb next morning.

    Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
    Meals Included: Lunch – Dinner
    Approx. Trekking Distance: 8 km
    Approx .Trekking Duration: 3 hours
    Approx. Altitudes taken: 75 m Ascent – 600 m Descent
    Terrain Features: Ascent from easy, partly steep trekking routes, slippery and rocky descent
    Accommodation: Pension / Hotel

    Day 2: Mt. Tahtalı ascent. Transfer to Antalya airport.

    We start the day early in the morning. With a short vehicle transfer we will arrive to our start point to our climb. We will ascent following the paths in the woods. Our first stop will be the point called Emzik Çeşmesi. Afterwards our zig zag pathway is going to be rising through the steeply terrain. After a short break on the passage we will pass through the main block of Mt. Tahtalı on a naked terrain through southwest. We will pass dolines called snow pits. On the summit we will have a long break and will be watching the marvellous scene of Mediterranean coast and ancient Pamphylia
    . We will be on the top of World’s one of the biggest massif rising from the sea level to the sky. We will descent from the same route to meet our vehicle. We will have rest at our hotel and prepared for our departure. For the late night flights we will be transferring by our vehicle to the Antalya Airport.
    For Ankara participants who will return by our vehicle, our departure from Antalya will be 22.00 on Sunday and our arrival will be at 4.00 in the morning!

    Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1 hours 20 minutes
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch
    Approx .Trekking Duration: 8-10 hours
    Approx. Altitudes taken: 1250 m
    Terrain Features: Ascent from easy, partly steep trekking routes, snowy passages and rocky descent

Accommodation Details


Lycia Boutique Hotel   

It is located on the southern slopes of the Tahtalı Mountain (2356 m.), The most spectacular summit of the western Taurus Mountains and the Beydağları range, on the northern slopes of Olympos, Çıralı coast and historical sites.

It is an ideal location for our lovers of nature like trekking. Our guests, who come from Turkey and abroad, to walk on the paths in the different lengths and panoramas that connect the ancient cities of the period, which we call the ortam Lycian Way ayrıl which has been used since ancient times, leave our hotel in a quiet, quiet environment with beautiful memories.

Unlike big holiday hotels, in an unusual alternative environment, if you want to experience a different holiday farklı LYCIA HOTEL dışında is the place you are looking for.

Watch the video for our hotel


We have classified the necessary information for our tour.

Meeting and Departure from Antalya Airport 

12 January 2019, saturday

08.30 – 10.30 Domestic Arrival Terminal

11.00 Departure from Antalya Airport

Return from Antalya  

13 January  2019, Sunday

19.00 -19.30 Antalya Domestic Departure Terminal


Meeting and Departure from Ankara to Antalya Transfer

11 January 2019, Friday

22.30 Montis Trips & Expeditions

22.45 National Library University Bus Stops

22.50 Armada Mall

23.00 Konutkent Migros Junction


Departure from Antalya to Ankara Transfer 

13 January  2019, Sunday

19.30-20.00 Departure from Antalya airport to Ankara

03.00 – 04.30 Arrival to Ankara



!!Please pay attention to the winter and snow conditions

Backpack: A proper day-pack for trekking which is 35-45 lt is required. Please have a rain cover for you backpack and/or have your dry bags. We do not recommend carrying stuff in your hands or hang outside of your back pack.

Boots: If you are a stable hiker, a pair hard sole rigid walking/trekking/backpacking boots are required.

We should remind you that especially in rainy weather, your boots should be waterproof.

Gaiter: It prevents to enter mud or water into your boots. Also it provides isolation. Grab a pair of gaiters with you.

Spare pair of sneakers: A pair of sneakers or sport shoes will be comfortable while travelling. Especially boots may get wet at the end of the day and you can wear your trainers in the coach while travelling.

Socks: Proper trekking socks will be fine with supported heel and toes. We recommend that you should have spare pair of socks with you for all your trekking

Gloves and Caps: For cold weather conditions, we recommend you should bring gloves and beanies with you (Inner- mid layer and Shell) .Or you can have at least and isolated mid layer gloves. You better have your fleece or woolen beanies which covers your ears too. Please grab a spare one.

Hat: We recommend you to have some sun protection hat in 4 seasons. Also you can have bandana and buff instead of hat or you can wear them with hat for 4 seasons.

Jacket: A lightweight, breathable and waterproof jacket with hoody whether a outdoor-casual is required. A Gore-Tex or equivalent fabrics are meant.

Mid Layer: Fleece jackets with half or full zips are recommended. Sweaters are ok as better than nothing. However they are not trekker friendly as we often change clothes or ventilate.

Isolated Jackets: A lightweight and compressible down or synthetic jackets will give you more comfort while having breaks. Jackets with hoodies will be a plus.

Pants & Shorts: For trekking we recommend you to wear synthetic or half synthetic isolation pants. Jeans or linen ext. are not useful and comfortable for natural activities because cotton like materials makes movements harder and it is difficult to make it dry. A waterproof breathable shell pants will be fine

We do not recommend shorts for trekking. Because it cannot protect you from scratches or little wounds while we hike from rough terrain or heavy vegetation routes.

Thermos Bottle: We recommend you to carry stainless thermos bottle with you. You can carry your thermos bottle in outside of the camp area activities.

Camera:  Bring your spare battery or memory card with your camera. If there is rainy weather possibility, we recommend you get necessarily precautions to protect your camera. Do not miss joyful moments and/or natural beauties; keep them forever to remind you the trip with MONTIS.

Sunglasses: UV protected proper sunglasses are must every season. Especially in winter snowy days, sun glasses are a great of importance. This is the only precaution for retinal burns or snow blindness due to overheating.

Liquids: During trekking tours you should carry a stainless steel thermos bottle which is 1 lt to 2 lt will be safe and comfortable. Sweet liquids can increase your thirsty level so we do not recommend them. You can carry some of it as hot water. Drinking hot in winter saves!

Sun protection cream and Lipstick: Min. 45 factor sun protection creams and proper lipsticks are recommended.

Walkingstick: Please choose telescopic, shrinking type models.

First Aid Kit:  MONTIS Trips & Expeditions guides always carry first aid kits and they are certified as ECSII Wilderness First Aid, CPR & AED standard responder certification. However, you should bring your regular used medicines and keep a small first aid bag with you all the time.

ATTENTION: We ever leave artificial remains behind other than the footprints.  Please carry a garbage pack for your own use and bring the trash back.

Technical equipment like crampons, ice axe and security equipments provided by MONTIS

Recommended Flights

Our tour program is planned according to the following flight options. Different flight and airline options are available. You can contact our office for different options for the program. You can buy your flight tickets from our agency. You can make your flight reservation requests by calling our ticket sales department from 0 312 44 0 05 85 or by sending an email to Our agency is not responsible for the changes to be made by airlines.

Ankara → Antalya → Ankara

Departure: Ankara (ESB) – Antalya (AYT) / 12 January 2019 / TK 7012/ 08.10 – 09.25

Arrival: Antalya (AYT) – Ankara (ESB) / 13 January 2019 / TK 7035 / 22.25 – 23.35

İstanbul → Antalya → İstanbul

Departure: İstanbul (IST) – Antalya (AYT) / 12 Ocak 2019 / TK 2408 / 07.10 – 08.40

Arrival: Antalya (AYT) – İstanbul (IST) /13 January 2019 / TK 2421 / 20.45 – 22.25

Sabiha Gökçen → Antalya → Sabiha Gökçen

Departure: Sabiha Gökçen (SAW) – Antalya (AYT) / 12 January 2019 / TK 2922 / 07.30 – 08.45

Arrival: Antalya (AYT) – Sabiha Gökçen (SAW) / 13 January 2019 / TK2931 / 22.15 – 23.40

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