Mt Kackar (3937 m) Ascend

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10-25 July 2024 / 27 July-1 August 2024 / 3-8 Agust 2024 / 10-15 August 2024 / 17-22 August 2024 |   A visit to the Black Sea’s knight wearing an emerald ring. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT UNTIL 10 MAY 2024

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  • Activity Level Moderate - Difficult
  • Group Size Small Group
    8-12 people
Mt Kackar (3937 m) Ascend hakkında.

We can describe Kaçkar Mountains as mountain chain massive which is surrounded by emerald green forest, high pastures, and cascade streams. Kaçkar is the highest point of the area which is like a sentinel on this cheerful geography. To climb up its summit, you need to approach it either from north or south side. While you climb up to the mountain, you will pass through authentic mountain villages where cheerful locals stay and, forests and Yaylas as well.

In summer we organize a short program which aims an ascent to the summit of the Kaçkar Mountain massive. In this expedition, for climbing up the summit we approach it from the southern slope of the main massive. Firstly we will drive up to Yusufeli by following up Çoruh’s wild stream bed and then stop by Heveg. From there, we will hike Yaylas and mountain lakes of the Kaçkar’s southern slopes. We will climb via the mountain’s best known route which has a very easy ascent. However it is a long hiking way. We always claim that this climbing has a high quality of service and comfort in itself. And we recommend this ascent to our participants who enjoy trekking and who have experienced long trekking routes in advance.

This program is a combination of a trek on Kackar Mountains, cultural site trips and a climbing expedition to the highest point of the region: Mt Kackar. Although we organized this program as a quick shot ascent according to the demands of our participants, we won’t miss the opportunity of sight seeing trips around this beautiful area. We would kindly like you to visit the Black Sea’s knight with an emerald ring and climb one of the highest mountains in our country with by significant MONTIS difference.

Program Outline

Day 1: Meet in Erzurum – Transfer to Yaylalar
Day 2: Yaylalar – Dilberduzu Base Camp
Day 3: Dilberduzu – Mt Kackar Summit – Dilberduzu Base Camp
Day 4: Dilberduzu (Spare Day)
Day 5: Dilberduzu Yaylalar
Day 6: Yaylalar– Erzurum – Return

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • MONTIS Trips & Expeditions Leader & Guiding ( English Speaking )
  • All ground transfers
  • All personal necessary technical equipment ( Helmet, ice-axe, crampons, harness)
  • All general safety equipment
  • All camping equipment and utilities ( Tents, Matresses, Kitchen utensils )
  • First aid kit
Tura Dahil Olmayan Hizmetler Neler?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Transfers to Erzurum
  • Sleeping bag *
  • Backpack, hiking poles, etc.
  • Demands out of the stated program
  • Meals other than stated in the program
  • Entrance fees fort he museums and historical sites

Single Supplement for tent and pension accommodation: 100 euro

  1. Itinerary 6 Days

    Day 1: Meet at Erzurum Airport  – Transfer To Yaylalar ( Heveg ) Village

    In the morning we will meet with our participants who arrive with the following flights. After a short introducing firstly we will drive up to Yusufeli. On the way we will visit Tortum Waterfalls and some of the Georgian Churches ( Osvank Monastery ). We will have a short break in Yusufeli then drive through villages in the heart of the Kaçkar Mountain and arrive Yaylalar Village. Here we will settle in our pension and enjoying the area around later complete our last preparations. Dinner will be in our lovely pension.

    Approximate Vehicle Transfer: 5-6 Hours (195 km)

    Meals Included: Dinner

    Approximate Altitudes: Yaylalar (Heveg) Village, 2300 m

    Day 2: Yaylalar – Dilberdüzü Base Camp

    In the morning we will have breakfast then we will set off from Yaylalar Village. After a short drive first drive up to Olgunlar (Meredet) Village. We will begin our trekking from Olgunlar to head for hiking to  Dilberdüzü where is considered base camp of Kaçkar Mountain’s classical route. White sparkling cascade streams from all over the mountain accompany us on our hike. Sometimes we will jump over streams. We will reach our base camp in Dilberdüzü from a gentle green platos on pathway. Dİlberdüzü is very green, high plato between streams. Our base camp will set up here. After settle down in our tent, we will have a quite delighted dinner then get last information about climbing. We will have some short preparations and then have rest in these marvelous skirts of Mt Kaçkar.

    Approximate Vehicle Transfer: 15 min

    Approximate activity Time: 3 Hours

    Meals Included: Dinner: Breakfast- Lunch Box- Dinner

    Approximate Altitudes: Yaylalar (Heveg) Village, 2300 m; Olgunlar (Meredet) Village, 2140m; Dilberdüzü Base Camp, 2750 m

    Day 3: Dilberdüzü – Kaçkar Summit Climbing – Dilberdüzü

    We get up earlier, around the sunrise and start climbing. First target to climb up is Sea Lake. Sea Lake is a nice glacier lake is a nice spot to have a morning break. After that we will climb up to passage to pass massive of Mt Kaçkar. First we hike up slowly to passage and then descend safely from a very steeply way. Here are main Kaçkar massive with its magnificent beauty. We will arrive Kaçkar massive in a slowly and safely way then climb up to summit carefully. We are planning to be in summit at noon. According to the weather and physical conditions in the mountain and also our participants’ demands we will have break at the summit in a lot of joy. And then we will climb down from the way we hike up. We will climb down to our base camp after a long break at Sea Lake which is a nice glacier lake and a nice spot. Nearly evening we will be arrive in our base camp. We will have a rest in a good athmosphere of Dilberdüzü.

    Approximate activity Time:  8-12 Hours

    Meals Included: Breakfast- Lunch Box- Dinner

    Approximate Altitudes: Dilberdüzü Base Camp, 2750 m, Sea Lake, 3380 m; Kaçkar Mountain Summit, 3937 m

    Day 4: Dilberdüzü (Spare Day)

    We have a spare day just in case of any bad weather or increase the chance to summit with a second day attempt. If not, we will enjoy the campsite and the surroundings. This campsite is always worth to stay one easy day longer. We will hike around and explore the natural beauties.

    Approximate activity Time:  –

    Meals Included: Dinner: Breakfast- Lunch – Dinner

    Approximate Altitudes: Dilberdüzü Base Camp, 2750 m

    Day 5: Dilberdüzü – Yaylalar

    We will start the day with a leisurely morning. We will need a good rest because we will be climb up one of the heights mountain of theTurkey. After breakfast we will pack our camp up, departure from Dilberdüzü. We will drive down to Olgunlar (meredet) Village first passing by streams. Here we will have picnic lunch beyond the yayla on the bank of nice stream. Following that we will drive through our pension in Yayla. At this afternoon if you want you can have rest in our comfoy pension or you can join one of our surrounding short trekking with our leader.

    Approximate activity Time: 3 Hours

    Meals Included: Breakfast- Lunch Box- Dinner

    Day 6: Yaylalar – Erzurum – Return

    After breakfast we pack up. We will have a nice day in Erzurum city by walking around due to our late flights. At BArhal and Yusufeli we will have breaks there. After that we will drive through Tortum to Erzurum. At the city we are planning to visit historical bazaars, Çifte Minare and Erzurum Castle. Following that we will be airport at 18.00

    Approximate activity Time: 5-6 Hours

    Meals Included: Breakfast



Camyuva Pension: This pension is one the iconic accomodation in Kackar which is popular by climbers and trekkers.

Montis Base Camp Accommodation:We are staying in double person 4 season mountain tents in camps. There is a toilet at camp site. There is no electricity in the camps but solar panels are at your service. In case of cloudy days and participant number it is highly  recommended to bring power banks and/or solar charging units with you. In addition to dining tent, there is also a kitchen tent.



We have classified the necessary information for our tour.

Our tour program is planned according to the following flight options. There are different flight, airline, and flight time options available for the region. You can contact our office for different options suitable for the program, extra transfers, and additional accommodation services. Our agency is not responsible for changes made by the airlines.

Ankara → Erzurum → Ankara
Arrival: Ankara (ESB) – Erzurum (ERZ)   / TK 7070 / 08.30-09.50
Departure: Erzurum (ERZ) – Ankara (ESB) / TK 7075 / 20.00-21.30 

İstanbul → Erzurum → İstanbul
Arrival: İstanbul (IST) – Erzurum (ERZ) /  TK 2704 /06.00 – 07.50
Departure: Erzurum (ERZ) – İstanbul (IST) /  TK 2707 / 18.45 – 21.00

Sabiha Gökçen → Erzurum → Sabiha Gökçen
Arrival: Sabiha Gökçen (SAW) – Erzurum (ERZ) /  TK7400 / 08.20 – 10.05
Departure: Erzurum (ERZ) – Sabiha Gökçen (SAW) / TK7409 / 20.30 – 22.20

Backpack: A proper day-pack for trekking which is 35-45 lt is required. Please have a rain cover for you backpack and/or have your dry bags. We do not recommended carrying stuff in your hands or hang outside of your back pack.

Boots: If you are a stable hiker, a pair hard sole rigid walking/trekking/backpacking boots are required.

We should remind you that especially in rainy weather, your boots should be waterproof.

Spare pair of sneakers: A pair of sneakers or sport shoes will be comfortable while travelling. Recommended for wearing in hotel and during trip.

Hat: We recommend  you to have some sun protection hat in 4 seasons. Also you can have bandana and buff instead of hat or you can wear them with hat for 4 seasons.

Jacket: A lightweight, breathable and waterproof jacket with hoody whether a outdoor-casual is required. A goretex or equivalent fabrics are meant.

Socks: Proper trekking socks will be fine with supported heel and toes. We recommend that you should have spare pair of socks with you for all your trekking activities. Should be suitable to your boot.

Sunglasses: UV protected proper sunglasses are must every season. Especially in winter snowy days, sunglasses are a great of importance. This is the only precaution for retinal burns or snow blindness due to overheating.

Sun protection cream and Lipstick: Min. 45 factor sun protection creams and proper lipsticks are recommended.

Head Lamp: As the daylight lasts shorter in winter or summer time, we strictly recommend to have a head lamp for emergency. It helps you to use your both hands.

Water bottle: We recommend you to have Camel bag style water bottle in your trekking and climbing. It is convenient to drink water any time. But you can have any type of water bottle with you

Walking Poles: Please choose telescopic, shrinking type models.

First Aid Kit:  MONTIS Trips & Expeditions guides always carry first aid kits and they are certified as ECSII Wilderness First Aid, CPR & AED standard responder certification. However, you should bring your regular used medicines and keep a small firts aid bag with you all the time.

Repair Set: You should carry a set which includes hooked needle, sewing set, duct tape ext.

Pocket Knife: You should carry a pocket knife or multitool type and spare items in all your camp activities.

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