Kaçkarlar'ın Buzul Gölleri

Glacial Lakes of the Kaçkars


27 August-2 September 2022     /    Trek to the lakes like evil eye beads among the peaks touching sky

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    8 -14
Glacial Lakes of the Kaçkars hakk覺nda.

Kaçkar Mountains of Turkiye is the land of emerald green hills, steep mountains and beautiful highlands in the mist. We have prepared a unique content for those who dream to be by the highest mountains of Northeast Anatolia, on the off the beaten trails. Our program also let a great chance for a cultural exploration of the region. The glacial lakes of the Kaçkar Mountains are like evil eye beads lined up on the chest of the mountains. Sitting on the shores of the lakes colored by the most eye-catching shades of blue and admiring that scenery is one of the most impressive moments you can experience in our country. We have designed our tour as a comfortable camping trip. We will have daily trekking excursions to different spots from our base camp and will trek back to the base camp. So, we will avoid the hesitation of packing every day. Participants will experience and enjoy the trip at the highest level.

We will depart from our camp in the plateau to reach each of the lakes around Verçenik Mountain, one of the highest peaks of the Kaçkar Mountains. Our camp, which we have always prepared with a variety of opportunities to surprise our participants, will be on the highlands in the northern part of the Kaçkar Mountains by a seasonal settlement of the locals.

We do not neglect to include the most visited highlights in the region. We will start by reaching Trabzon, the starting point of our activities in the Eastern Black Sea Region. We will make our entrance to the northern region of Kaçkar Mountains from the Fırtına Valley and stay in our bright pension in the village of Topluca, which is far from the crowded and congested area of the region. Get ready for delicious meals and a peaceful start. As we finish our tour, we will return to this beautiful family managed local accommodation for one more night.

We especially recommend this tour to those who enjoy camping activities. Our walks will pass on Verçenik Plateau (2600m), which is the highest plateau in the region. We will also trek up to the high passes around the camp. You can consider of this camp as a highland holiday with trekking activities, or as a detox holiday. If you are visiting the region for the first time, ensure that you are in for one of the most unique experiences. This itinerary, which is far from classical routes, has been planned as a comfortable accommodated trekking holiday. This impressive tour program is also suitable for experienced hikers and families. Get ready to be on remote mountain roads, off the beaten trails! Here we go, join us!

Itinerary Outline
Day 1: Meeting at Trabzon Aisport. Transfer to Topluca Village
Day 2: Transfer to the camp. Visit Zilkale, Palovit Waterfall, Boxwood Forest. Lunch in Çat Village. Hike to the camp.
Day 3: Verçenik Yayla – At Lake- Cio Lake (optional) – Verçenik Yayla Trek
Day 4: Verçenik Yayla – Çermeç Lake and Karagöl Lake (optional) – Verçenik Yayla Trek
Day 5: Verçenik Yayla – Kapılı Lakes – Verçenik Trek
Day 6: Verçenik Yayla – Moçar Lake – Tatos Lakes – Çiçekli Yayla Trek. Transfer to Topluca Village
Day 7: Transfer to airport. Departure.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Tour leadership, mountain guidance and counseling throughout the tour
  • All vehicle transfers and sightseeing trips from Trabzon to Trabzon
  • All meals mentioned in the program
  • Hot drinks
  • First aid kit
  • General safety equipment
  • Tent and mattresses
Tura Dahil Olmayan Hizmetler Neler?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Personal items

  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Museum and sites’ entrance fees

  • Transfers and extra accommodation on requests which are not mentioned in the program

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Sleeping bag**
    *Camping equipments are provided free of charge on this tour.

SNG Supplement:
1150 TL (due to availability)

  1. Detailed Itinerary 7 Days

    Day 1: Meeting at Trabzon Airport. Transfer to Topluca Village

    We start our journey from Trabzon. We meet with our participants who come with the recommended flight schedule. We will drive along the Black Sea coastal road for a while, then we turn our faces to the mountains from the point where the Fırtına Stream, which forms the border of Ardeşen and Pazar districts, meets the sea. We will settle in a quiet pension in Topluca Village of Çamlıhemşin which is located in a tranquil environment arm in arm with green and away from the crowds of this region in recent years. This village, which had a population of almost 2000 in the 80s, has only half of this population today. It is a village that was originally called Çano in 1928, and its original name was changed to Topluca. Delicious home cooking is delivered for the meals in our place. Today, our tour leaders will share with you the details of our program. After making our final preparations, we will rest in this peaceful environment.

    Elevation Above Sea Level: Topluca Village, 786 m
    Approximate Vehicle Transfer Time: 3-4 hours
    Activity Duration: 1 – 2 Hours
    Meals Included: Dinner

    Day 2: Transfer to the camp. Visit Zilkale, Palovit Waterfall, Boxwood Forest. Lunch in Çat Village. Hike to the camp.

    We will get up early in the morning and have a breakfast with a nice view. After breakfast, we will say goodbye to this beautiful place where we will stay again on our return. Now, whirling mountain roads await us. On the way, we will witness the beauty of the landscape. We will visit Zilkale, one of the most known fortified castles as guards of the valleys here, and then the Palovit Waterfall. We will visit the boxwood forest, which is listed among the 200 priority ecoregions in the world by WWF. After our lunch in Çatköy, we will continue towards Verçenik Plateau. We already set up our camp for you. Depending on the weather we will hop off earlier and take a short but nice trek to the campsite. Now it’s time to settle in your tents and rest on the plateau. Welcome to our homeland among the clouds. Our dinner is at the camp. After our dinner, our tour leaders will give a briefing about our walk tomorrow.

    Elevation Above Sea Level: Verçenik Plateau 2600 m
    Approximate Vehicle Transfer Time: 3 hours
    Activity Duration: 1 – 2 hours
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

    Day 3: Verçenik Yayla – At Lake- Cio Lake (optional) – Verçenik Yayla Trek

    We start the day with a nice breakfast. After breakfast and set off for a nice hike. Glacial lakes in Anatolia are like evil eye beads scattered on the slopes of mountains and valleys. Kaçkar Mountains are the mountainous region with the largest number of glacial lakes in our country, with approximately 200 glacial lakes. Glacial lakes are one of the important reasons why this region has been declared a national park with its different formation processes, water content and even aquatic life in some of them. They are also critical freshwater reservoirs for wildlife. Today we start to explore the glacial lakes of Kaçkarlar. Starting our hike from our camp, we will slowly ascend through the valley. The exuberant streams,large and small, will accompany us. While some of the glacial lakes appear on our way in the beds of these wide valleys, some of them are like little treasures hidden just behind the ridges and little peaks. Joining a ‘’hide and seek game’’ is required to discover the loneliest, calmest lakes. We will climb high ridges, follow the paths, or sometimes off the track routes to access the best panorama spots. We will first go to Kumlu Lake between the meadows of the valley and then to At Lake by following the water beds. After a relaxing break in At Lake, we will begin our ascent. We’ll head south and climb the ridge ahead. We watch the majestic valleys on this ridge, which offers wonderful views in the clear days. Depending on our timing and physical condition, we can take a break to a lake called Cirmaniman, which is the name of the plateau just below. Afterwards, we will climb back to the ridge on the same route and descend to the valley floor along the scenic ridge lines. After a hearty walk, we will be back at our camp in the evening. Our delicious meals and comfortable camp are waiting for us…

    Elevation Above Sea Level: Verçenik Plateau, 2600 m – At Lake, 2920 m – Çirmaniman Mountain Ridge, 3180 m
    Activity Time: 6-7 hours, 10-12 km
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

    Day 4: Verçenik Yayla – Çermeç Lake and Karagöl Lake (optional) – Verçenik Yayla Trek

    Any morning can’t be better and fresher than today as we wake up early in the morning and splash the fresh water at the creek to wash up! We start the day with an early breakfast this morning. We have another route! First, we will descend for a short time on the dirt road towards the north from the plateau. Then we enter the indistinct paths of the Kaçkars to visit the hidden lakes behind the steep slopes one by one. Our first goal is to climb the ridge towards the Çermeş pass. Here is that wonderful view again! Verçenik Peak, the princess of Kaçkar Mountains, is on one side, while Çermeç Lake is on the other. We make another steep descent down the ridge and pass to Çermeç Lake. We have a long break here. If timing and physical condition permit, and of course the surprising weather of the region allows, we can also go up and down in Karagöl. Then, we slowly rise towards the gorge and return to Verçenik Plateau with a long descent accompanied by the sparkling waters of the creeks.

    A tranquil night, delicious food and a quiet plateau evening await us…

    Elevation Above Sea Level: Verçenik Plateau, 2600 m – Çermeç Lake Pass, 3270m – Çermeç Lake, 2800 m – Karagöl, 3000m
    Activity Time: 6-7 hours, 12 km
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

    Day 5: Verçenik Yayla – Kapılı Lakes – Verçenik Trek

    After a pleasant breakfast, we set off. We are going to Kapılı Göller, which is the base camp to climb Mt Verçenik, the princess of Kaçkars. We will reach Kapılı Lakes with a leisurely and pleasant walk. We will visit several large interconnected lakes. We have reserved the day for a quieter and easier walk and lots of fun. Depending on the weather, those who wish can swim in the lake. Don’t forget the towels and swimsuits this day! After visiting the nameless lakes hidden on the two main lakes of Kapılı Lakes, we return to our camp in the afternoon. A wonderful afternoon awaits you with our drinks that we cool in the white sparkling waters of the streams.

    Elevation Above Sea Level: Verçenik Plateau, 2600 m – Kapılı Lakes, 2970 m
    Activity Duration: 3-4 Hours, 8 km
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

    Day 6: Verçenik Yayla – Moçar Lake – Tatos Lakes – Çiçekli Yayla Trek. Transfer to Topluca Village

    We’ll start early on our last day at camp. After breakfast, we climb to Moçar Lake from our campsite. After a short break on the shore of Moçar Lake, also known as Adalı Göl, we ascend to the pass on the ridge to go towards Tatos Lakes. On the pass a jaw-dropping scenery is our sight. We will pass by the lakes, also known as Sulak Lakes, on off the trail. Then, a long descent awaits us along the valley towards Çiçek Yayla. In this section, we will sometimes walk on very good paths and sometimes on paths covered with high grass. We will have short creek crossings a few times. We should be very careful during this long descend today! Enjoying the view, we keep on carefully to the point where we will meet with our vehicle. Again, we are on the twisty, bumpy highland roads. We will sip our hot teas during a break in Çat Köy. In the evening, we are at our pension in the village of Topluca in Çamlıhemşin. We will have a mouth watering dinner, spend an evening with joy and celebrate our tour!

    Elevation Above Sea Level: Verçenik Plateau, 2600 – Moçar Lake, 2960 m – Passage, 3070 m – Sulak Lakes, 3000 m – Çiçek Yaylası, 2400 m
    Approximate Vehicle Transfer Time: 3-4 hours
    Activity Time: 6 hours
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

    Day 7: Transfer to airport. Departure.

    We will have a lazy morning today! Let’s enjoy a long breakfast in our hotel. Then we head to Camlihemsin. After a short sightseeing and shopping break in the downtown, we will drive to Trabzon airport. We can keep on exploring the beauties of the Black Sea region according to the flight schedule

    Approximate Vehicle Transfer Time: 4 hours
    Meals Included: Breakfast


Kaçkarlar'ın Buzul Gölleri

Patika Pansiyon / Topluca Village: It is one of our favorite accommodation facilities in the region with its brand new and warm family-run business, comfortable rooms, delicious food served in its restaurant with a view. It is a quiet and relaxing place away from the crowd.

Verçenik Plateau MONTIS Camp: Our camp, which has been carefully prepared just for this tour, has a mess tent and a kitchen tent. We provide portable tables and chairs,the food and beverages and day long services as you are accustomed to from the MONTIS camps.


Recommended Flights and Transfers

Flights from/to Ankara
To: 27 August 2022, TK7060, ESB-TZX, 07.50-09.05
From: 2 September 2022, TK7463, TZX-ESB, 14.00-15.20

Flights from/to Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen Airport,SAW)
To: 27 August 2022, TK7420, SAW-TZX, 06.55-08.30
From: 2 September 2022, TK7417, TZX-SAW, 13.50-15.30

Flights from/to Istanbul’dan Uçuşlar (Istanbul International Airport, IST)
To: 27 August 2022, TK2820, IST-TZX, 07.15-08.50
From: 2 September 2022, TK2825, TZX-IST, 14.45-16.35

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our program is planned according to the flights above. Company is not responsible for any of the flight changes, cancellations or updates by the airlines in the flight schedules. Participants who prefers to have different flight options can contact our office for information about extra transfer fees. According to the flights mentioned above, airport transfers will be made according to the latest flights on arrival and the earliest flights on the way back in the group.

In the packages where transportation and/or transportation services up to the starting point of the tour or organization are not included in the services and prices of the tour/organization, the participants are responsible for the damages that may arise from the route, route changes, delays or cancellations on the airlines and highways, changes due to the road and airline situation, for the reasons listed by the participants. Our company is not responsible for cancellations (No Show), costs arising from additional service needs.

Daily Meals at the Camp
1 Open Buffet Breakfast,
1 food
1 Dinner (Set Menu)
Hot Drink Service
Camp Treats & Snacks

* If you have any restrictions such as different diet codes (vegetarian, diabetes, gluten, etc.), please specify whilst booking process.


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