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Pınar Nadirler, Manager I participated on February to Cappadocia Treking Tour. Everything was fine, cosy and safe. Accomodation was so fine. Trekking between valleys, Gökhan's guidance, other participants, chit chats, surprise hot wine on the valley...
Aydan Özkil, Project Coordinator I always feel safe when I am with MONTIS Team. I am looking forward to new journeys of MONTIS. I will make with this team, whom I have always had thrilling experiences going out of my comfort zone.
Muammer Görbil, Manager
Muammer Görbil, Manager If you are planning to make an outdoor activity, first thing you should search for "CONFIDENCE" on company and guides. MONTIS and their guides make you feel good, happy and the most important give the feeling of "CONFIDENCE".  
Taner ÜNLÜ, Lawyer
Taner ÜNLÜ, Lawyer Thanks to Montis who gave meaning to our lives and touched our heart while doing this ...


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